circumnavigation by kayak

We (Misha Hoichman and Alon Ohad) decided to circumnavigate Ireland by kayak.

The idea of Ireland expedition rised a few years ago following our BCU 5* training sessions in Nigel Dennis' center in Wales. Since then we have been frequently staring at the map of the island trying to imagine its coasts: the fjords, the cliffs, the swells coming from Atlantic Ocean, the tidal races, the green of the grass and the gray of the skies. This summer we will finally explore the coasts ourselves. It's about 1500 km - all the way around and we hope to be back after 6 weeks. We plan to set off at the beginning of July 2006.

In 2005 we have completed circumnavigation of Tasmania. It was a tough expedition: long paddling days, gale winds, big seas on the SW coast. The lack of experience in the trips of that scale - was our biggest concern. Judging the weather conditions, getting aware of your limits, training, planning the route, choosing the right gear, finding the sponsors - all that and more are essential parts for the successful expedition. There are many gifted sea kayakers that are capable and willing to make a challenging trip, yet they face the same lack of experience as we did a few years ago. Wouldn't it be nice to join a more experienced paddler for your first expedition?

We decided therefore to devote the circumnavigation of Ireland to our fellow israeli kayakers. We will have a third kayak that will serve an additional member of the expedition. This member however will not go all the way with us, but rather join us for a limited time and then in turn pass the boat to the next kayaker. It would be a sort of relay race. We hope that this way a few kayakers will be able to gain the valuable experience from the top challenging expedition. The additional members will actively participate in the planning and the preparations.

This expedition has significant expenses such as gear, maps, transportation, food, etc. We are looking for sponsors who are willing to help. Our sponsors will benefit high quality photographs upon the completion of the trip. We will be carrying professional photography equipment: waterproof and digital SLR cameras. We intend to get coverage for our expedition in various media channels such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, lectures and presentations that will follow our trip.

Alon Ohad () and Misha Hoichman ()

Last updated: September, 2006