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Well it is about a year now after Mozambique. And we are on the way to another expedition! Mozambique was great, as you can see it in the Mozambique expedition web site, maybe we should go there again. But according to the kayakers' rule you can't go year after year to the same continent otherwise the big holy sea might be mad at you. And we are good followers of the big holy sea and obey his rules.

So where to go with the big holy sea's blessing? We want a destination like Mozambique and it is not so simple to find one.

We need to meet nice and good people, but they should be simple and happy.
We want trees on the shore, preferably with fruits on them (coconuts! coconuts!)
We ask for just a little bit of sun, not too hot, but warm enough not to freeze.
And obviously we need the big holy and interesting sea.

So, this time our destination is Brazil: for a 6-weeks long carnival in a ~1500 km dance with the Atlantic Ocean! We will paddle two different parts of Brazil each having its own unique falvour. See our detailed plan at the bottom of the page.

Brazil was claimed by Portugal in April 1500 on the arrival of the Portuguese fleet commanded by Pedro Álvares Cabral. Brazil, we are coming with our fleet of kayaks commanded by …, oops, no one and we claim for a lot of magical Brazilian music, wide range of weather patterns, beautiful scenery and an awesome mixture of cultures and races!

You are all invited to join us on our journey that should start on 13-Sept-2011!

Youval Nehmadi () , Inna Hoichman () and Misha Hoichman ()